Sunday, 4 December 2011

Future Dance

Hey guys .. Sorry Cuz i didn't update my blog for a long time ..
About a month i think o_o
BTW , ( Me , Sarah , Aida, Adiva & Aneeysa )
are gonna make a Future  Dance ..
And We're gonna ROCK the stage off .. 
Heheh .. just kidding ..
Btw , we're gonna dance to this song ..
Oh and , on the 17th-18th of Dec .. Adiva decided to make a sleepover or simply a hangout to those who cant sleepover .. So , i asked my mom if i can hangout .. she said Yes .
But not sure if i can sleepover ..  ^_^ 
If i dont get to sleepover at Ad's hosue .. Its okay .. Because i get to meet my friends and Practicee !

K , Thats all ..
Bye ^_^
See ya in the next post ^_^

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